La vie d'artiste

Every Frenchman would immediately visualize a multitude of pictures associated with those 3 words; la vie d’artiste. 

Lets see; Monet in his black robe… the sunflower painting by Van Gogh… lavender fields.. the game of the petanque… Absinthe… les cafes de Paris.. Place Montmartre… Quartier Latin… Pigalle … Honfleur.. Deauville… Gauguin..Tahiti and many others.

But what it really means is the artist’s life, whether poets, painter, musicians, actors etc and his lust for love, life and art. It also illustrates somebody who is in charge of his life, free to go play golf or hike up Haleakala when ever it pleases him, free to be able to lay down his pencil or tool and “talk story” when been visited, free to work or have a lazy day, c’est ca la vie d’artiste.