Writer's block

A famous author said that having a writer’s block is either when one is thinking to much of himself or when having nothing to say about oneself!

My reason for not writing here, lately, had more to do with what was happening on the political front of our country. You see, having to make a living during day time, I could not wait to sit in front of the TV at the end of each day to listen to what all those political pundits and so called experts had to say about some politicians and other political pundits and experts. Actually I have to admit I let myself be indoctrinated, brain washed, lied to, made to hope, to curse, clap my hands, stand up and cheer, and so, no wonder I very quickly ended up with a total writer’s block, feels like a kind of a hangover by the way, unable to even write a check to cover the gas bill...

The party is half way over…and the big mesmerizing speeches are already part of history. Its time to resume my work and write my own humble little stories.