Back on the “block”

Was it writers block or busy doing other things? I believe it’s a bit of both. Anyway I am back on the block after a sabbatical lasting a few months. I really like this word “sabbatical” as it translates with “Forshungsurlaub” in German, which really means a vacation of studies and research! Well, this is exactly what I have been up to ever since bailing out the water from my flooded workshop.

Never short of work been commissioned to build model canoes of Oceania, I also spent much time and effort building up my photo albums on Flickr and Picasa. Most recent photos do illustrate 2 very beautiful surfing canoes and a Samoan one man fishing canoe been auctioned at Niketown in Waikiki.

The Hawaiian canoes were quite old, carved out of Koa tree logs.