About Writing

Have not been writing much in the last 2 years and this for 2 reasons.

When you have been working hard the whole day, I mean physically, the mind , at the end of the day, is just not geared to sit down and write stuff, although I would want to talk about my work, the more so since I like what I am doing.

My day starts at 5.00 am. Checking emails, do paper work, do garden and yard work for about 2 hours starting sunrise, and after that work on some canoe models until 5.00 PM. The garden work is good physical exercise, I really love it. Some, who may watch me carving or sanding a larger canoe hull will say that this looks very physical as well, that it is hard work. But it is a different kind of physical activity, monotonous, standing or sitting at the same place for hours , the arm going back and forth, the fingers holding the carving tools or clenching sandpaper. After a few minutes of this I always need a brief stoppage. At the end of the day, the shoulders are hurting, the fingers are somewhat stiff , the mind and body ready to relax.

Another reason is a kind of incertitude regarding my written English, I always feel not being very good at it, making grammatical errors that will make me look silly. But isn’t it that what we have to say is more important than some stupid grammatical errors? Suffice is to say that English is not my mother tongue. I speak and write fluent French and German which is more than  what most people can do, so I hope I will be forgiven to sometimes fracture grammatical rules.