During his eight years of exploration in Oceania and the Americas, Captain James Cook and the artists and scientists that accompanied him collected a large number of ethnographic specimens. Two German naturalists, Johann Reinhold Forster and his son, Georg, accompanied Cook on his second voyage, and late in the 18th century they bequeathed nearly 500 objects collected during three Cook voyages to the Georgia Augusta Göttingen Academic Museum. The objects were later transferred to the Ethnology Institute where they remain today. In this book, the Cook-Forster Collection can be studied as a whole for the first time. The first two chapters, devoted to the history of Cook's explorations and to the collection itself, are supplemented with relevant regional studies of Polynesia, Melanesia and North and South America. The catalogue itself follows. An accurate and complete text makes this work a fascinating documentary source. (Review from Tribalarts.com)

(Gaben und Schätze aus der Südsee - Göttingen - Die Göttinger Sammlung Cook/Forster)