I am just a woodworker

My close friend Keith C. from Guernsey, Channel Islands, told me one day that a good way to avoid being asked to many questions about one’s profession or business is simply to tell people that I am a truck driver and that this is what I do for a living.. Here in Hawaii I have taken habit of saying “I am a woodworker” interesting… Because you see when I say what I am really doing I am afraid to put most people into the embarrassing situation of either having to false praise me for what they think are well made toys, or be at a loss of words when I mention to them the price of those so called toys. Many understand that it takes hours, days, weeks or months to make those canoe models, and few realize that it requires in depth knowledge of the craft or canoe in order to be able to execute a scale model of it. Somehow I feel uneasy talking about my work and prefer the “work” to talk on my behalf. You see, this way I do not inconvenience those who are not interested in canoe models, while still leaving it to admirers and collectors to take pleasure in it. I am just a woodworker whose work will talk well beyond me writing this blog