Listen to the sound of the chainsaw

I have often been asked where I get my wood from to make my canoes. One would think that I must be a good customer of the few lumberyards we do have on Oahu or that I must be flying to the Big Island to get my Koa. Well, to be honest, its none of those. Yes, I do buy some veneer on E-bay from time to time, but for the rest nature supplies me most of the wood I need, and this for free. Now if woodworking is your hobby and you wonder where could you could get that ivory looking Tamarind or the golden Jackfruit wood for free, all you need to do is to follow the noise of the chainsaw and find out what kind tree somebody is cutting. You will be surprised how fast you will end up with a huge pile of wood. Here are the wood species I got this way in the last 2 weeks: Koa acacia, Koa formosa, Jack Aranda, Jackfruit, Monkeypod, beautiful wood that would have found its way into the shredder would I not have followed the sound of the chainsaw.