Need a workout?

If living in Hawaii is a dream for many, dealing with flash floods and landslides is not what most people think about our islands.

It all happened very fast, just a few days ago on December 11th at 5.30 AM.

The heavens opened up to torrential rain causing extensive flash flooding and a landslide just on top of my property.  Within minutes a river of mud, rocks and other detritus run into my sloppy backyard and towards my front gate. I did not realize that the mud and branches will get stuck at the gate and therefore stop the proper flow of the mud and water. The water level rose so fast that in no time it runs into my workshop, flooding machinery, lumber, templates etc.

Towards 10.00 PM the rain stopped and it is only than that the extend of the damage caused by the flash flood became apparent to me. My yard was filled with 2 feet of mud.

My pick-up truck was stuck in the mud, so was another car, my drive-way was busted and the roots of a gigantic Albizia tree were laid bare.

First thing first, I immediately started to pump out the one foot of water that had flooded my workshop and installed fans and heaters to dry some motors . But clearing the mud and rocks will take days. I guess that at the rate of 2 hours a day this will be a good and cost free workout. Want to join ?

Flooded table saw, planer etc.

Flooded table saw, planer etc.